March 14, 2023


Check out our blog post on being ready for back to school

Hey everyone!

It’s time for back to school! I want to help you make this sometimes difficult and emotional transition easier and a better experience you and your kiddos. From what I’ve found, when kids are feeling physically healthy, rested and strong they handle the transition and emotions that going back to school can cause much better.

Here are some tips to make that transition easier….

Easy, quick and healthy breakfast ideas…

  • Easy overnight oats

  • Eggs! any style…scrambled, fried, poached, sunny side up, hard boiled, soft boiled, in an omelet! Tip: add some fresh microgreens, spinach or kale on top, as a bed, or in the middle for a veggie boost! I use avocado oil for my high heat cooking

  • Avocado toast on gluten free or traditionally fermented bread such as Base Culture Bread. Top with whatever your kiddos like such as an egg, garlic, or fresh herbs. Or serve with a side of chicken sausage for a protein boost!

  • Smoothies! My favorite way to get my kiddos to eat all the colors of the rainbow! Add in a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie. My favorite over the counter protein powder brands are Sprout living or Nutiva.

  • 3 INGREDIENT PANCAKES (recipe below):

  • 2 eggs, 1/2 cup ricotta cheese, 1/2 tsp baking soda – mix it all together to make a batter. Heat your pan with avocado oil (or other high heat oil such as coconut) and cook like regular pancakes! tip: I will sometimes add a little oil to the batter to prevent sticking. You can also add fruit to these pancakes such as bananas or berries. ***These are not dairy free

  • or 2 ingredient paleo pancakes. ***These are dairy free


  • Ingredients: • ½ cup chia seeds • 3 cups any type of “milk” – almond is what I use • 1 tsp vanilla • 1-2 TBSP maple syrup • 1-2 TBSP cocoa powder (optional) – you can also use fruit Materials: • 1 Mason Jar • Spoon for stirring Method of Preparation: 1. Put all ingredients in jar and stir. 2. Cover and shake. 3. Leave on counter and shake occasionally for at least 30 minutes. 4. Put into refrigerator. Note: Different batches of chia seeds absorb the liquid differently. If it’s too thick, add more “milk”. If it’s too runny, wait and it will probably thicken. If it’s really too runny, add more chia seeds. author: Liz Lipski, P

Nutrient packed lunch/snack ideas…

  • Back to school lunch ideas from The Defined Dish

  • Other ideas for grab and go snacks: cut up veggies with dip, fresh fruit, high quality bread such as Base culture bread, nut butters with celery or apples, mixed nuts and seeds, hard-boiled eggs, smoothies and leftovers!

Keep in mind we want to fill our kids up with nutrient dense foods to support their growing bodies and minds and avoid the ups and downs (roller coaster ride) of high sugar/simple carbohydrate foods. A balanced plate is key….

Make sure they have protein (organic, grass fed, free range) high quality fat (cold pressed, omega 3, nuts, olives, avocado, EVOO) and fiber (veggies, greens, berries) with every meal. This will help their attention, mood and energy and their teachers will also thank you!

Lastly, good quality sleep is just as important as a healthy diet. Here are some tips on how to get your kids some quality Zzzz’s…

  • Get some outside time daily in natural sunlight. Especially in the morning and the evening to set their internal clock.

  • Try to get them to do something active everyday

  • Try to establish a consistent bedtime. Move this time up if they are difficult to wake in the morning.

  • Make their room cool and dark.

  • Epsom salt baths at nighttime can be very relaxing!

That’s all I’ve got for today! I hope back to school is easy, fun and full of health for you and your family!

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