March 14, 2023

DON’T Book a Call

Check out our blog post on when a health program is right for you!

Are you comfortable living with the:

  • Significant fatigue and exhaustion

  • Stubborn extra weight

  • Crumbling relationships

  • Low productivity

  • No solutions

  • Career pressure

  • Anxiety and overwhelm

You may say no, but are you more comfortable living with it than making a change? If so, please DON’T book a call with my team.

I can’t help you.

It’s a harsh truth that it took me a long time to realize.

Some people are willing to live with all of that because it’s easier for them to keep chugging along with the same habits day after day than it is to make a change.

This is not a judgment. This is a fact.

It’s the way our brains are wired. 

Change is viewed as a threat if the brain has found something that works and created the pathways to put it on autopilot.

Whether the change is for the better or not.

Going from comfortable cruise control to uncomfortable new actions raises all the red flags in our brain.

With all the internal emergency sirens telling us to stick with what we know, it feels like it’s better to live with all the bad stuff than to make a change.

But at what cost?

While you’re sacrificing your days to the “comfort” of the same old routine, your health and relationships are steadily getting worse.

Instead, how would it feel to be more energized every day? 

To spend more meaningful time with family and friends? 

To excel at work?

Ask anyone who has gotten to the root cause of their fatigue and exhaustion and taken back their health, and they will tell you the temporary discomfort of that change was 100% worth it.

Create a new comfort zone and the life you dream about.

Schedule a call with me to take the first step.

Schedule that call HERE.

P.S. If you are more comfortable with your routine and living with all those frustrations than stepping out of your comfort zone to make a change, please don’t schedule a call. We have limited times available and want to help as many people as possible. If now is the time for you, here’s that link again to schedule – HERE.

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