March 14, 2023

Taking Simple Measures to Promote Head-to-Toe Health

Check out our blog post on simple measures to promoting head-to-toe health

Feeling good all over is powerful. You don’t need a great deal of time or money to feel joy and add a pep to your step. Wave on Wave Health encourages you to incorporate these easy actions into your daily routine to enhance all-around well-being.

Be Mindful and Breathe

Negative thoughts can control your attitude and state of mind. Worrying about the future or

consistently concentrating on pessimistic thoughts will cause stress, fatigue, anxiety, and even

depression. Headaches, jaw tension, and tightness in neck and shoulder muscles are a cue that it is time to take action. Stop your negative thoughts by countering them with positive,

constructive, and grateful ones, and you will find peace of mind and body.

Another way to relieve anxiety and stress before it causes illness and disease is to practice deep breathing exercises. Begin your day by concentrating on your breath for 15 minutes. Inhale deeply through your nose to the count of five, expanding your belly. Hold your breath for three counts, then exhale through your mouth for another count of five. Do this until you feel relaxed and your mind clears. This is easy to do any time during the day you begin to feel anxious and at night to aid in a good nights sleep. Mindful breathing can also improve blood quality, detoxify your body and ease the pain.

Eat Well and Get Physical

What you eat plays a role in how your body feels. Be attentive to eating nutritional and healthy

foods to give your body what it needs to properly function. A potential diet option you may not

have considered for losing unwanted weight is a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic — or keto — diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that encourages your body to burn fat at an increased rate. Beginning this diet can involve significant changes to your eating habits, so it’s helpful to use tools like Keto Mojo to discern which foods are best. The practitioners at Wave on Wave Health can help you decide the best dietary intervention specific for you.

Consistent exercise is also crucial to feeling good. Physical activity not only maintains your

muscles and bones, but it increases energy, decreases the risk of chronic disease, and makes you happier, even if it’s simply taking a walk while working from home. The break and the exercise can do a lot for your mental – and physical – health. In fact, multiple studies have shown that when people who were previously diagnosed with depression participated in any level of exercise it decreased their depressed mood significantly.

Relax and Do What You Love

Ask yourself what activity you enjoy doing the most and schedule time to do it. This gets you out of your daily routine and helps relax your mind. Whether it is being creative, participating in a sporting activity, hitting the spa, reading, or practicing yoga, make sure you listen to your heart and devote time for yourself.

Whether you’re diving into a new hobby or resurrecting one you haven’t made time for, treat

yourself to a few new products that will help you. Home product review sites are helpful for

finding the right item, like a travel backpack or gardening supplies, that will make you want to

get back into that passion project.

Manage Outside Stress Triggers

Stress from work will cause anxiety. Whether you are overworked or under worked, un-fulfillment leads to unhappiness which can negatively affect your personal relationships. If your job is no longer challenging or it is creating difficulties in your personal life, taking the plunge into a new field can be just what the doctor ordered. You can learn new skills by enrolling in an online degree program that will set you on the path to an exciting and fulfilling new chapter.

Taking care of your mind and body gives you power over negative stress and anxiety, which

ultimately aids in better health. Incorporating mindful and physical activities into your daily life

is a natural way to promote happiness, strength, and self-esteem. If you continue to struggle with stress management make an appointment with our health coach, Jen!

Wave on Wave Health can help you feel great, sleep well, and be your best using individualized wellness plans. Call 815-701-6507 today to learn more about our services.

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