December 1, 2023

Is BIO Filler worth it?

Are you looking for natural anti-aging free of chemicals and synthetic materials? Bio Filler is a great option! Bio Filler is a safe, natural, anti-aging alternative that comes from you!

Did you know BIO-Filler is an alternative to hyaluranic acid fillers that is natural, safe, and proven to provide effective, long-lasting results?

Welcome BIO Filler!

Skin aging is due to a variety of factors such as changes in all layers of skin, loss of subcutaneous fat, downward migration of the fat pads, increased sebum and melanin production, and change in the bony structure2.

Facial rejuevanation with platelet rich plasma (PRP) is becoming an increasingly popular procedure due to the abundance of growth factors platelets contain. Platelets become the logical choice for replacement and renewal of cells, tissues, or organs due to low invasiveness/high healing, and easy availability. PRP is considered to be a growth factor cocktail, which promotes wound healing, angiogenesis, and tissue remodeling2.

Say hello to refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated skin!

Let’s learn what BIO Filler is!

What is BIO Filler?

Biofillers are a type of cosmetic filler made from natural or bio compatible materials. The material can come from you and that’s how we obtain this facial filler at Wave on Wave Health!

At Wave on Wave Health, we use ultra concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) that comes directly from the patient at the time of injection as our BIO Filler. This is a safe and effective method with no risk of immune rejection. Ultra concentrated PRP is used to add volume, reshape contours, rejuvenate the skin and address wrinkles in the face or other parts of the body.

Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals!

Is BIO Filler worth it?

Studies have shown that PRP has around 578 different types of proteins like platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), and transforming growth factor beta (TGFβ). These proteins and growth factors can stimulate stem cells and improve cellular proliferation, differentiation, and regeneration, hence, leading to skin rejuvenation and hyaluronic acid production. Skin fibroblasts in PRP have been found to secrete endogenous hyaluronic acid in high concentration leading to a significant improvement in skin quality and decrease in the signs of skin aging1.

So injecting PRP will increase my natural production of hyaluronic acid? YES!!

Activation of dermal fibroblasts and remodeling of the extracellular matrix are essential for rejuvenation of aged skin. PRP or BIO Filler injections interdermally are a fantastically effective way to activate the fibroblasts located in the dermal layer of the skin. Fibroblast activation promotes collagen and elastin regeneration and angiogenesis for firmer, tighter and lifted skin, reduced pigment secretion, and further promotes facial rejuvenation.

Let’s look at some studies…

A study done back in 20153 and 20184 looked at 518 patients who had 1-4 sessions of PRP injections done in the nasolabial folds, infraorbital, crows feet, forehead, preaurical and jaw regions of the face. Results showed improvements in the volume, texture, and tone of facial skin and decrease both fine and deep wrinkles!

So, is BIO Filler really worth it?

The studies and science point to yes but this really is an individualized decision. There are many factors that have to be considered when we talk about aging. Internal health is leading factor into the aging process. Talking with a practitioner that not only is aesthetically trained but also educated in the body processes that contribute to aging will give you the ultimate in anti-aging!

Some factors to consider:

  1. Effectiveness: Biofillers are an effective way to address wrinkles, add volume, or reshape contours. They can offer noticeable improvements in appearance.
  2. Duration: The duration of results varies depending on the individual. Final results are typically seen between 3 weeks and 3 months and the results can last up to 18 months.
  3. Safety: Biofillers considered safe because the product being injected comes from you! There is no risk of immune rejection and the risk of infection minimal if any.
  4. Cost: The cost of biofillers varies depending on the type of filler, the amount used, and where the procedure is done. It’s essential to consider the ongoing cost of maintenance sessions.
  5. Expectations: Having realistic expectations is crucial. Biofillers enhance appearance but might not completely reverse significant signs of aging and will not dramatically change one’s natural look. That is not the goal with BIO Fillers. BIO Fillers are used to enhance one’s natural beauty.
  6. Consultation: Before getting biofillers, consulting with a qualified and experienced professional is essential.
  7. Health status: The absolute contraindications for PRP include platelet dysfunction syndrome, critical thrombocytopenia, hemodynamic instability, septicemia, and patients with unrealistic expectations1. Relative contraindications include heavy smokers, drug or alcohol users, patients with chronic liver pathology, severe metabolic or systemic disorders, patients with cancer as well as those with low hemoglobin or platelet counts.

At Wave on Wave Health we combine the principles of functional medicine with the artistry of aesthetics to help you achieve a harmonious balance between inner wellness and outer beauty.

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