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 Regenerative Services

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for tendon or joint injuries or pain

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the latest cutting-edge, non-invasive therapy or treatment. The growth factors in PRP we acquire from your blood can activate cells in the body, healing and regenerating new connective tissue, capillaries, and collagen in the skin.

Therapy includes drawing blood from the patient; then, the blood is placed in a centrifuge, which separates the growth factors in the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections promote faster healing, and transferring these growth-factor proteins to other areas of the body essentially helps any damaged area. This can be used in injured joints, muscles and tendons.


Rejuvenating Beauty Treatments

PRP has taken the medical field by storm because of the ability to harness your body’s own natural growth factors to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the face resulting in wrinkle reduction, pore reduction, improve skin tone and texture, age spot/sun spot treatment, tightening of sagging skin, and scar reduction. PRP fights hair loss by reviving and stimulating your follicles to promote the growth of new hair.  It’s a simple, non-invasive procedure where your blood is drawn in our office and then spun down in a special centrifuge (PURE SPIN PRP - see below) gathering therapeutic platelet dosages. This process separates red and pro-inflammatory white blood cells, where platelet-rich plasma is extracted. This plasma gets injected and/or microneedled which signals your body to increase blood flow, healing, and new growth!


PRP process

Not all PRP is created equal! We use the PURE SPIN PRP system.  We strive to deliver optimal results with each treatment which requires therapeutic doses of platelets every time. Our PRP system has been proven to provide therapeutic doses of platelets with its centrifuge process and collection methods resulting in better outcomes and patient satisfaction!

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