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Our world is becoming increasingly toxic. It is more important than ever to limit our exposure from these harmful chemicals. The one place you can control your exposure is in your home...

We are exposed to many different toxins on a daily basis:

  • fuels

  • styrene (rubbers and plastics)

  • flame retardants

  • pesticides (glyphosate)

  • dioxin

  • xenoestrogens (pesticides, nail polish, make up, plastic water bottles, cosmetics)

  • bisphenol A

  • hormones in livestock

Below are some ways I decrease mine and my families toxic burden and help the environment! ...


Many household cleaners contain varying levels of toxins listed above plus more! Read this article published in the national library medicine to learn more. I keep in stock at my house the basics like Dr. Bronners pure castille soap, distilled white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. These four ingredients do almost all of my household cleaning.

My favorite homemade, whole house cleaner

  • Glass spray bottle (16 ounce)

  • Filtered water

  • Small amount hydrogen peroxide (around 0.5-1 ounce)

  • Dash white vinegar