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IV drip therapy is a great way to optimize your health and beauty! During this service IV nutrients are delivered directly into your veins reaching your cells are higher concentrations resulting in better absorption.  We have many different IV combinations that we offer!


The Classic - Myer's cocktail

The Myers Cocktail IV contains several vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are great for general nutritional supplementation. This is the “Gold Standard” IV for overall wellness and is known to improve energy, relieve stress, increase immunity, hydrate, reduce symptoms of chronic conditions such as asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and migraines.


Glow and Go! Anti-aging IV

Fight acne, wrinkles, and tired skin from inside out. This IV combination helps to fortify hair, skin and nails and rehydrate tired skin. Through a strong blend of antioxidants that support healthy aging. 


Tranquility IV (relieve stress and improve mood)

Reduce acute stress and anxiety through the power of GABA, theanine, magnesium, taurine, and B-vitamins.


Kixx Ass & Go - Performance and recovery

The Athletic Performance IV is the best option for those starting an exercise program that will require a higher demand from the body. Through a combination of B-vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids this IV helps to fuel your power, energy, strength and support muscle recovery. These infusions are not just for serious athletes, but also for all who are working out regularly to achieve a healthier physique and quality of life.


Oops I did it again! Hangover and PMS relief IV

No need to suffer from a hangover we have relief in a bag! When you experience the symptoms of a hangover such as headaches, upset stomach, vomiting and fatigue, this IV therapy can help rehydrate, reduce inflammation, relieve headaches and improve energy. This IV contains B-vitamins, magnesium, calcium chloride and a mineral blend with optional add-ons if desired.


Burn Baby Burn weight loss IV

This is not a magical IV drip that will burn away fat, but rather an adjuvant to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. The IV ingredients were selected for their role in the fat burning process (lypolysis), metabolism, and food cravings. This combination will help keep the energy up when on the diet while aiding in weight reduction and appetite suppression. This IV includes a mixture of amino acids, b-vitamins, calcium chloride and magnesium

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