March 14, 2023

Is big pharma keeping us sick?

Check out our blog post on hoe big pharma is keeping us sick

Take a moment the next time you are watching your television to really focus on what message is being sent to you and your family. What commercials are being streamed? What paid advertisements are you seeing? Do you see any advertisements for farmers markets where you can purchase fresh food? Are there any ads about eating healthy and exercising? Getting outside and exposing yourself to nature? Meditation? Do they tell you to slow down to reduce your stress to better your health? Do they tell you to turn off your TV to reduce your screen time and read a book? Take an epsom salt bath? Get a massage?

The answer is NO. The ads are for things like McDonalds, video games, upcoming movies, new toys on the market, and drugs you can take for your migraine, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune disease, dementia, knee pain, hip pain. This contributes to the rise of healthcare costs and insurance premiums and lines the pockets of billionaires. Advertising health does not make money.

There’s good news

With the rise of root cause or functional medicine it is possible to treat chronic disease, naturally.

“Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food” – Hippocrates

If we focus on education that teaches people to eliminate processed foods that are nutrient deficient, reduce stress with meditation and the use of adaptogenic herbs, weight loss and exercise programs, sleep enhancement, and how to get in touch with nature, we can reverse the majority of chronic disease that plagues us.

If you are looking for an answer for your symptoms that is not a pill try giving a functional medicine practitioner a chance!

If you think health is expensive, try illness.

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