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Nicole Bladin

Most functional practitioners have a story of how they switched their practice from treating symptoms to delivering personalized care that addresses the root of dysfunction. I am no different.

When I look back on my own health journey and life I am able to see why I struggled with the things I did growing up and into adulthood. I don’t have a story of abuse at an early age, or a significant illness or diagnosis at a young age. I grew up in an overall happy home. I had two parents who loved me. They did the best they could to give us (me and my brother) the things they never had. Nevertheless, I still struggled with some pretty big hurdles at a young age.
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"Nicole is so knowledgeable and we are on a different level so we are the ones who need to understand what she was discussing with us. Whenever we had a question, Nicole explained in a way that we could understand." WM

how I want to practice medicine and how I can help people

I grew up in the “no-fat,” overcooked, and oversprayed vegetable era.  I struggled with constant sinus infections, cystic acne, an eating disorder, constipation, bloat, fatigue and looking back, some depression as I struggled to fit in.  I had postpartum depression after my second child as I was working, going to school, raising a toddler and baby.  At one point I considered breast implants as my once fabulous breasts became pancakes.  I would wake tired and struggle to sleep.  My hormones were out of whack and my marriage was definitely taking a hit.  I was STUCK.

I bounced around in my career as a nurse practitioner.  I worked in retail health, ENT, urgent care and eventually fell into integrative care.  This opened my eyes just enough so I could see how I want to practice medicine and how I can help people beyond the pill for the ill medicine model.  I started by making changes in my own life, testing myself and my family members and using my Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) and ReCODE 2.0 training (both functional medicine certifications) to treat us.  The results were nothing short of AMAZING!  I started to be able to sleep, I no longer thought I needed breast implants because my boobs came back!, my hormones regulated, my weight has never been easier to manage and my marriage is going strong!   I am now LIVING my best, most vibrant life! It was at this point I knew this is what I am supposed to do…

I have continued to evolve, learn and study, as I always will.  I have come to realize that my own path of self discovery has put me where I am at today, feeling better than I ever have, ready and excited to spread this word and to go on this mission of teaching others -kids, teens, and adults- how to get to this same FREEDOM and truly start LIVING.